What Were five magnificent products (Makeup, Beauty, Fragrance, Fashion, Etc.) When You were in High School?

With my good friend Jen at my high institution graduation in 1993
What were five magnificent products (makeup, beauty, fragrance, fashion — you name it) when you were in high school?

OK, full disclosure — whenever I believe of the actual year in which I graduated from high institution (class of of ’93, yo!), I make a painful-looking smile with panicked eyes as well as just my lower teeth showing.


This emoji explains it perfectly: ?.

Because when I do the math…OMG!

High institution was a great deal of fun for me. I was a delighted teenager (despite the occasional bout of angst), as well as I liked exploring, in the only methods I understood exactly how to at the time, things like makeup, beauty, fragrance as well as fashion.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

My parents were strict in a great deal of ways, like with grades as well as after-school activities (I wasn’t one of those youngsters going to ragers at so-and-so’s home on a Friday night), however I was provided complimentary regime to reveal myself, as well as I tried a great deal of different things!

Or course, I liked the stylish stuff, as well as a great deal of the things I experimented with were the exact same things my good friends liked, too.

There was a great deal going on at the time (the early ’90s) with beauty, makeup as well as fashion, like…

Revlon toast of new York Lipstick

GURL, three fourths of the flute section in band used this color, no joke. When band method was over as well as all the flutes were put away, the women would bust out their Cornsilk compacts, as well as touch up their lips with Revlon toast of new York. A deep reddish brown, it would be extremely appropriate today since of the present ’90s revival.

I really just inspected online, as well as Revlon still offers it! I may have to get a tube for nostalgia’s sake.

CK One Perfume

For the young’uns among us, there was a time when CK One was new!

Jeg ved! difficult to believe, however true. I believe this was likewise around the time Marky mark was still a pants-dropping rapper, haha!

Oh, exactly how things change…

CK One put unisex fragrances on the olfactory map. It was produced guy as well as women, however a lot of of the people I understood who used it were women (all the kids used men’s Eternity). I, unfortunately, wasn’t one of those CK One-wearing chicks, although I wished to be. I just didn’t have the money to get a bottle, however my wonderful good friend Jolly always lent me a spritz or two.

It’s a clean, crisp watery citrus — at the time unlike anything I’d smelled before. I still smile whenever I catch a whiff.

Black as well as white polka dots

When I believe of standout fashion statements from that time, black-and-white polka dots spring to mind. everybody was using ’em! — even the guys.

My preferred polka-dotted piece was a odd black-and-white tee shirt with polka dots on the collar as well as sheer black sleeves, as well as I vividly keep in mind using it to my sixteenth birthday celebration dinner (at Olive Garden).

I’d provide anything to understand what occurred to that shirt! I liked it so much, however it disappeared over the years, as tee shirts commonly do…

I used it with black knee-length culottes as well as black leggings with lace around the ankles (remember those?).

Floral babydoll dresses

Another piece I used to death was a black long-sleeved, knee-length floral babydoll gown with small orange flowers as well as eco-friendly leaves on the print.

It was purposefully oversized, so I’d take up the additional material in the back with a clip (mine was black with small material roses), as well as utilize that to cinch up the waist.

The only legitimate method to wear this type of gown at my institution was with black tights, boots as well as huge hoop earrings.

Woven backpacks

I was a big-ol’ nerdy-birdy in high school, so I was always bring around a ton of ridiculously heavy books. I brought all of my books as well as binders in a vibrant woven backpack with truly skinny black material straps that had absolutely NO padding.

Seriously, it was most likely the most un-ergonomic backpack understood to man…

But it was in style at the time, so I had one.

I can still keep in mind the straps digging into my shoulders, as well as exactly how the back bottom of the bag hung down as well low (it hit my butt when I walked). You may have believed that would have been sufficient to stop me from utilizing it, however noooo.


Mine was rainbow colored. Jen’s, I think, was black, white, gray as well as maroon.

Your turn, my friend! What were five magnificent products (makeup, beauty, fragrance, fashion, etc.) when you were in high school?

Din venlige samfund appelmisbruger,


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