Urban Outfitters appeal Haul: Tony Moly, Hair therapy as well as The Gnarly Whale

Me, Tabs as well as the Kocostar Hair therapy cap ($8)
I’m truly hoping that including Tabs in this photo is sufficient to distract you from the truth that 1) I’m in my pajamas, 2) I’m not using any type of makeup, as well as 3) I’m using this absolutely odd hair treatment cap by Kocostar Hair Therapy.

If it isn’t, here’s a T. rex claw for great measure…


I’m not purposefully going for milkmaid stylish in this look. The hair cap is one of the things I chosen up at metropolitan Outfitters a few weeks back.

Fyr! If you haven’t been there lately, you have to go. There’s a great deal of awesome sh*t as well as neat brands in their appeal section.

Kocostar Hair Therapy, $8
Like this cap by Kocostar Hair therapy ($8). It’s pre-moistened with conditioner. After shampooing as well as towel drying, you stick your hair inside the cap, seal it shut with the sticker on the back, as well as wait 15 minutes for your hair to take in the product (I’m thinking/guessing that the warm from your head is some type of activator).


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Then rinse everything out.

Now, OK. very first of all, it was truly difficult to get all of my hair up into this cap. I tried putting it into a loose bun at the top of my head, as well as then sticking the cap over it, however my hair kept falling out, so I ended up holding the cap upside-down as well as diving into it.

Of course, then I couldn’t get the sticker thingy to stay stuck…

Eventually, I figured it out (but it wasn’t exceptionally easy).

After letting my hair sit inside the cap for 15 minutes, I eliminated the cap as well as rinsed my hair. It felt coated with a thick, heavy goo, which took a truly long time to rinse out, however I do believe my hair looked a bit shinier than it did before…

Det ved jeg ikke. At least my head smelled great (like Gummy Bears).

About a few of the other things I chosen up…

The Gnarly Whale Thai Coconut beach Waves, $14
The Gnarly Whale Thai Coconut beach Waves ($14) — Wow, this is truly lovely! I get soft, beachy waves without stickiness or crunchiness. absolutely like a softer hold version of Kerastase Spray a Porter. smells great, as well (like coconuts).

Tony Moly Panda’s dream Eye makeup Eraser, $14

Tony Moly Panda’s dream Eye makeup Eraser, $14


Tony Moly Panda’s dream Eye makeup Eraser ($14) — A clear, smooth, silicon-like stick that assists cleanup stray edges as well as makeup accidents. extremely handy, as well as it works great. just apply on the makeup boo-boo area, then lift with a Q-tip to remove.

The deal with shop secure Me Hand Cream, $8
The deal with shop secure Me Hand Cream, $8
The deal with shop secure Me Hand cream ($8) — Non-greasy, extremely moisturizing, as well as smells like chocolate. It’s likewise waaaaay beyond cute. however what is that animal on the cap?? I believe it may be a cat?

Tony Moly Panda’s dream Hand Cream, $11
Tony Moly Panda’s dream Hand Cream, $11
Tony Moly Panda’s dream Hand cream ($11) — A thick, rich, extremely moisturizing hand cream. fantastic for dry cuticles! likewise fantastic to keep on your desk (I’ve named my panda JoJo).

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