The new too faced soul Mates Blushing Bronzers Are Powder Power Couples

wearing the new too faced soul Mates Blushing Bronzer in Carrie & big on my cheeks
Carrie & Big? You gotta be kitten me! I think Carrie & Aiden would’ve been a far better name for this new $34 too faced soul Mates Blushing Bronzer (it’s one of two), but that’s because I’ll never, ever, ever get over how big stood up Carrie at the bryllup. I’m all for forgiveness, but if some dude left my BFF hanging in her big white dress, I would kick that man’s booty from here to next Tuesday.

Team Aiden 4 life!


Blushing Bronzer in Carrie & big (left) and Ross & Rachel (right)
Now where was I…?

Oh! — these new cuties. So adorbs. I almost can’t take it.

They’re called the soul Mates, and they’re new for spring (yes, spring, even though it isn’t even officially winter).


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

There are two of them, both limited edition and $34 each, one a peach blush and golden bronzer duo called Carrie & Big, and the other a pink blush and orangey golden bronzer duo called Ross & Rachel, coming soon to too faced counters and

You know the drill. The bronzers and blushes in these duos are like two-piece Juicy velour tracksuits circa 1999. fine when worn apart, but wearing each pair together takes the proverbial “bling on the bum” to the next level.

The blush and bronzer powders are silky and easy to blend. For some warmth, I lightly sweep one of the bronzers on my cheeks and around the edge of my face with a fluffy face brush. then I take a smaller blush brush and buff one of the blushes on the apples of my cheeks for color.

Takes all but a minute.

Ross & Rachel (two on the far left) and Carrie & big (far right)
Theoretically, one could use these soul Mates to cut a contour, but I like them better for adding warmth all over the face and color to the apples of my cheeks.

That’s because the bronzers heavily lean gold and orange. The finish also has a sheen to it, which makes them better, I think, for sun-kissed looks than for deep, chiseled cuts.

I gotta say, though, if there’s one thing too faced does well, it’s bronzers, and these, with their cute heart shapes, are bringin’ it.

They’re also bringin’ the value. For $34, you get 0.6 ounces of product, which is almost twice as much as you get with a regular 0.35-ounce too faced bronzer for $30.

What to wear with these? I like Carrie & big with coral lips, and Ross & Rachel with yellow-based pinks.

Since these soul Mates are warm-toned, I’d say they’re probably a better fit for girls and guys who wear warm bronzers well, and they might run a little too orange for the super cool-toned cuties among us.

I hope too faced releases them in more shades for cool-toned babes soon (I’ll keep my E.T.-like fingers and monkey toes crossed).

Yes, I can see the names of those now… Gwen & Gavin, Angie & Brad, and Karen & Tabs.

HAHA! Yes, my cat is my soul mate.

PRICE: $34 each
AVAILABILITY: limited edition, and coming soon to too faced counters and online
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: B+/A- (I do wish they were a little better for contouring)

Moody miles

For the most part, the four-hour drive to Redding up to where my in-laws live is astonishingly boring.

Just miles and miles of straight road along I-5 in the California central valley, with the highlights of the drive being unusually shaped trees and miscellaneous farm animals.

But when it’s storming and pouring like it was this past Friday, things are much more interesting, and there isn’t anything to obstruct your view through the car’s windows.

The sky seems larger than life.

Most of these are from right before and after sunset.


Mother Nature is a bad-@ss painter!

Din venlige naboskabs skønhedsadmed,


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