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Man, forget those little plastic Halloween jack-o’-lanterns. When I was a kid, I used pillowcases for trick-or-treating, and I filled them to the brim.

I’d walk around the neighborhood with ’em swung over my shoulder like I was a candy bandit. Det var fedt…


Halloween is coming! It’s my favorite holiday, but I really haven’t gone big for a few years.

You know — life, getting older, not as many pals who live close by. I usually still do something at the last-minute, though.

A few years ago, El Hub and I went to a Halloween party on a WWII aircraft carrier and danced the night away listening to a live band in the old mess hall. The jets were even decorated, and you could sit in them if you wanted to. This adorable old veteran dude helped me into the cockpit and flirted with me a little bit. He must have been about 80.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

There was a haunted house in the belly of the ship. You had to navigate down a flight of rickety metal stairs into a dark, cramped hallway to the actual surgical bay of the ship. now THAT was creepy.

This will be Connor’s very first Halloween. I’m not sure what we’re gonna do yet, but I don’t think there will be any aircraft carriers involved…

Target is doing this thing where they’re featuring a couple of different doable makeup and hair looks. One’s a fairy look and the other’s a devil. I picked the fairy look because it reminded me of a moon child look from nocturn_elle on Instagram. I liked the silver crescent moon and her dark lips, and I thought I’d also be able to do something with my long hair.

It’s almost Halloween! If you haven’t figured out what you’re going to be yet and could use a little inspiration, this is the place to be. below you’ll see a fun Halloween look that can be created with some of your favorite brands like Simple®, POND’S®, Q-tips®, TRESemmé® and Suave®, all available in the beauty and personal care aisles at Target. #GetHalloweenReady #Target

I needed a few things to complete my look, so I headed to Target for Q-tips®, hairspray and another bottle of makeup remover.

The look is super easy, as you can tell. I actually started with the makeup I was already wearing using a single shade of matte eyeshadow, and then I added a dark blue lip and threw on some falsies because…Halloween.

For my crescent moon, I used a shiny silver liner, then wet brush to dab some silver glitter on top. and then the same thing for the stars, except with gold liner and glitter.

Then I soaked a Q-Tip with Simple® dual effect Eye makeup remover to clean up the edges.

Actually, before that I cleaned up the edges of my blue lipstick with a Q-Tip.

For my hair, I did mini ponytails down the center of the back of my head and twisted each one into a bun, then sprayed them into place with TRESemmé® two extra Hold Hairspray. It took less than five minutes.

It’s all about the glitter and liner and doing something easy with the hair.

It’s not the most elaborate costume in the world, but it’s something! You can do a lot of easy Halloween looks with liner, glitter and the beauty aisle at Target.


What are you doing for Halloween?

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